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Liquor Licensing

Our Firm is recognized as “the leading liquor licensing law firm” in the State of Colorado.  Over the past 40 years we have successfully handled more than 5,000 liquor license applications for all types of liquor licensed businesses owned and/or operated by local, national and international companies.  We take pride in providing the most efficient and up-to-date methods of applying for and obtaining liquor licenses.

The attorneys who practice in this area have a broad range of knowledge, experience, and information in a wide variety of local, State and Federal licensing matters. We often assist other prominent law firms with complex licensing matters and procedures involving large commercial transactions, gaming casinos, entertainment venues, hotels, convention centers, clubs, chain restaurants, and food and beverage establishments.

Our Firm employs a large staff of highly experienced, knowledgeable and efficient paralegals.  These specialists have experience in every local jurisdiction throughout Colorado, the state of Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor Enforcement Division and with the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). They have a well established reputation for excellent client communication and satisfaction.

Our representation can include, but is not limited to: new liquor license applications and renewals, transfer of ownership applications; change of corporate structure reporting; new and amendments to Federal basic permits; joint licensing; business related matters concerning business organizations; zoning use permit issues; legislation on local and State matters; and representation in the full range of enforcement actions brought by local and State regulators.

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