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Employment Law

Our attorneys are experienced in representing both employers and employees regarding employment matters.  When representing employers, our attorneys provide practical advice that enables employers to have a successful work force and prevent litigation while still focusing on the employer’s overall business goals.  The first step in that process is for our attorneys to assist employers in developing effective employment agreements and employment policy manuals.  When litigation or administrative actions do arise, our attorneys have the experience necessary to represent employers in a cost effective manner when faced with discrimination claims, wrongful termination claims, wage and hour claims or when an employer must enforce its employment agreements or covenants not to compete.  Our attorneys’ experience in assisting employers also allows them to recognize and identify when an employee has been treated unlawfully and to take the appropriate steps to protect the employee’s rights through administrative proceedings or litigation.  Our attorneys also review and advise employees about employment agreements and covenants not to compete presented by prospective employer to ensure that the employee understands both the rights and obligations associated with those documents.