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Tax Audits

If you have received an IRS audit letter you should consult with our Denver tax attorney immediately. IRS and State tax audits can become complicated and dangerous very quickly. Failure to comply or uninformed compliance can have serious consequences. Working with our Denver tax attorneys, you can avoid the mistakes that trap the unwary and survive a state or federal audit.

Tax Audits are time consuming, intrusive, and complicated. The auditors will request a variety of written and verbal information from you to determine your taxes. Some of their questions will be difficult to answer. We will stand between you and the time and stress that an audit will cause so that you can focus on what matters most to you. We are here to answer your questions, represent you to the IRS or State in the best way possible, and identify and manage any discrepancies between your reported taxes and the audit to ensure that a fair and honest audit transpires.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients survive tax audits through our understanding and experience in all phases of tax controversy. We will work directly with the Examiner on your behalf to achieve the best result possible while insulating you from the process.

The Audit Letter

 Individuals and businesses generally learn they are under audit upon receiving an audit letter.  Prior to issuing the letter, however, the State or IRS has likely already started the examination and begun to develop the facts and law that will determine whether you will receive a “no change” or an additional tax assessment. Should you call the IRS upon receiving an audit letter, the agent will be ready to ask some of the questions the IRS has been developing.  Know that, many would be compelled to call their accountant.  However, it is important to first talk to a qualified tax attorney where your conversation will be protected by the attorney client privilege – conversations with accountants are not privileged.

Audit letters require taxpayer responses within a limited time. Failure to respond or incorrect responses can result in adverse tax, penalties and additional issues. If you have received an IRS, State or Local Audit Letter, contact our Denver tax attorneys to protect your rights, peace of mind, and pocketbook. We will work with the taxing authority to achieve the best results possible and allow you to enjoy your life.

The Examination

 Upon retaining our Denver tax attorney to represent you, the IRS or state auditor will conduct the audit according to a reasonable schedule in our facility – not in your home or business. Audits generally consist of an initial meeting, production of documents, a possible site visit, an examination, and an audit determination (which allows the taxpayer to challenge the IRS in Tax Court). During the process, the examiner can ask some uncomfortable questions and may uncover damaging evidence. Auditors are trained to elicit information that can be used against taxpayers as they move forward in the audit. Our Denver tax attorneys can insulate you from auditor’s direct line of questioning and ensure that your story is accurately conveyed and that you receive a fair audit. We work on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected.


 Our Denver tax attorneys will work to achieve a favorable solution to any adjustment determined by the examiner. Our goal is to ensure that the audit results are the best possible under the circumstances so that, once over, our clients can accept the audit and move on with their lives.

However, not all audits are fair and auditors don’t always have the discretion (or perhaps the desire) to “do the right thing.”  If you don’t agree with an audit determination, our Denver Tax Attorneys are experienced tax litigators who fight to achieve the right result in the courts, through IRS Appeals, and through collection alternatives. Our experience and understanding of the process will reduce the stress and anxiety following an audit determination and you will understand the path forward and know that your best interests are protected.