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Sales and Use Tax

Colorado has one of the most complicated sales & use tax systems in the country with more than 700 possible combinations of sales taxes, depending on the county and city, which businesses may have to collect and remit to the State. The complexity is largely due to the fact that Colorado is a ‘home-rule’ state that allows for municipalities to impose their own sales and use taxes. Many of these home rule municipalities also have their own administrative process and personnel. Navigating the complexity and compliance requirements is burdensome – failing to comply may result in serious tax implications.

Understanding Colorado’s tax system is important to maintaining compliance. Our Denver tax attorneys have taught State and Local Tax in the University of Denver, Graduate Tax Program, and have helped many businesses and individuals resolve their state or local tax matter. We work directly with businesses and accountants to solve the problem and ensure that it will not reoccur. Along the way, we will insulate you from the tax authority, educate you on the process, and fight to secure a tax resolution that is in your favor.