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Employment Taxes

During difficult economic times, businesses and business owners can find themselves unable to pay their employees, creditors, and taxes. Difficult choices often arise that, if handled incorrectly, may lead to unforeseen tax consequences and potential personal liability. If you are delinquent in your employment taxes, contact our Denver tax attorneys.

The IRS aggressively pursues delinquent employment taxes through its levy, lien and other powers. IRS enforcement can be managed through the experience of our Denver Tax Attorneys. Unmanaged, IRS enforcement can result in business seizures and significant harm to business owners through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. When the IRS detects a failure to deposit or failure to file a Form 941, a Revenue Officer is generally assigned to pursue enforcement against the business and its owners. The enforcement is broad and dealing with the IRS without an experienced employment tax attorney may have dire consequences.

If you have an employment tax liability, our Denver tax attorneys can help you. We will deal with the IRS on your behalf and are experienced in protecting you and your business.