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Dill and Dill Partner Nick Richards, and two other National cannabis experts, will be teaching a class on IRS Section 280E and its impact within the cannabis industry. The class will include a panel conversation of the current issues in cannabis tax and efforts at the Federal level to reform the tax code. Please join the conversation and ask the experts how to reduce your own company’s tax burden and ways to allocate costs to reduce your 280E footprint.

Nick will be teaching with Bernie Taillon of Triad Tax and the conversation will be moderated by Andrew Livingston of Vicente Sederberg LLC.

This class will be hosted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, beginning at 5:30 PM MT at 455 Sherman Street, Suite 390, Denver, CO 80203. Cost to attend is $50 per person.

For more information please contact Nick Richards at nrichards@dillanddill.com or Genevieve at genevieve@vicentesederberg.com