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Last month Dill and Dill partner Nick Richards had the pleasure of hosting IRS Executive Tracey Walker to work with her to address some of the problems the cannabis industry is facing in its interactions with the IRS. While the primary issue was to improve the way in which the IRS deals with cash, much was discussed and the IRS was impressed overall with the level of compliance the industry is able to achieve. Dill and Dill hopes this is the first of many collaborative efforts to improve the industry interface with the federal government and will continue to keep the public updated as new developments arise.

Dill and Dill is pleased to announce that the IRS will have additional cash counting rooms at their offices in Denver and Seattle which large cash depositors will be able to reserve by making an appointment. The IRS will provide appointments for April 10 – 18, 2017, and asks that taxpayers who want to make large cash deposits during that period call and schedule an appointment no later than April 7, 2017. To schedule an appointment in Denver, please contact Flint Brown at (303) 603-4562. To schedule an appointment in Seattle, please contact Dave Hippo at (206) 200-0302.